Here is a Thoughtful Gift
for Your Customers

"Never take an
Old Broom
to a
New Home"

...Old Adage

"Always say 'Thank You'
When Someone...
a Home"

...Older Adage

Congratulations! You are about to close another Real Estate transaction. You have an anxious seller and a willing buyer. You've worked hard to advertise and show the property. Now both parties are ready to sign. Or maybe they have already signed and the sale is in escrow. Soon the paper work will be completed and then there will be................

A nice commission check for you!

Perhaps you are cooperating with another Realtor, and you will share the commission. Even with a possible four-way split (including the Brokers), you will have earned a nice financial reward...
And you deserve it!!!!

You worked hard: listing, advertising, holding Open Houses for "Multiple" and the public. And don't forget the number of times you showed the property. All that remains to do is close the file and give a

Thank You Gift.

What better way to say. "Thank You" than with a hand crafted gift? A new broom to take to their new home. Remember: "Never take an old broom to a new home."

Too busy to go shopping? Well, do it right here! Click on "Broom Catalog" and select a broom from Too busy to wrap it, select a card and ship the gift? We'll do that for you, too! Just give us the information in the comments section on our order form, click on "Submit" and we take care of the rest. We will Wrap and ship your gift, including a personal Thank You card, hand signed with Your Name. An easy way to send a uniquely special gift.

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