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Early American Brooms
Handcrafted by Warren Olney
     The art of making brooms is a unique craft with American history roots. Our historic brooms are excellent sweepers, making great gifts for weddings (African American tradition of Jumping the Broom), house warmings, log home hearth brooms and even wizard brooms for Harry Potter fans. They are also ideal for Colonial, Shaker and Early American heritage home decoration. Wicca, witch and occult followers also prize these brooms.
     Warren Olney ties quality handmade brooms on natural or manufactured handles and on blacksmith's forged iron handles. He can also weave brooms on custom handles and replace worn out brooms on customer's handles. All his brooms are made for actual use although many folks use them for home decor.

and see his handiwork and learn the ancestry of this commonplace domestic tool.

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